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Overcoming Adversities: The Quiet Storm will walk you through how women go through things, and no one will ever know. What happens when opportunities meet adversities or when you are silenced by life’s overwhelming struggles? Ms. Tenisha L James answers these questions and more in her newly published book “Overcoming Adversities: The Quiet Storm.” Ms. James explains the saga shared by many women who suffer in silence through trials and tribulations of life.

This book demonstrates how women go through different obstacles without anyone knowing, not even a trusted confidant. How is it possible for women to walk out of their homes smiling as if nothing in the world is going on behind the closed doors? How do you handle the heartaches, pains and struggles that seem to intrude on and overpower your life? Ms. James found through her own experiences that courage; faith and tenacity were the source of her strength during her hardships and remain at the center of her life, today.

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